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As a first choice end-to-end home care software platform, AlayaCare not only provides innovative product lines to help improve outcomes, but also pushes the boundaries to change the future of the industry.

See for yourself how AlayaCare offers more key features and functionality to increase clinical and operational efficiencies and improve client outcomes.

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Clinical documentation

Flexible and intuitive home care clinical documentation solution.

AlayaCare’s configurable Electronic Health Record (EHR) and clinical form wizard enables home and community care providers to deliver best of breed user interfaces to document clinical information in a secure HIPAA compliant environment.

clinical documentation mockup
Custom configuration & form building
  • Convert or build any form or report into a digital format allowing care providers to chart and document at the point of care from any device.
  • Leverage rich media functionality such as pictures, signatures, and drawing.
  • Configure your care plans according to your agency’s current workflows.
  • Maintain detailed records of user changes and clinical notes with version and routing controls.
  • Configure documentation for high levels of client acuity such as wound care, infusions, and medical reconciliation.
Real-time form submissions
  • Document clinical information from a native mobile application or a responsively designed web portal from any device.
  • Automatically route forms to the assigned personnel for specific services or visits depending on the phase of care.
  • Reduce delays with real-time uploading, documenting, and charting.
  • Minimize data entry courtesy of menu-driven and predictive text functionality.
  • Track progress with visibility into previous form submissions and report history.
  • Simply extract form submissions for data analytics and reporting across your entire agency.
Client-centric care plans
  • Integrated patient goals
  • Custom best practice libraries for goals, interventions, and diagnosis
  • Complete audit trail of care plan progress
Multi-level security
  • HIPAA and PHIPA compliant.
  • Secure, cloud-based storage
  • Standard integration protocols (restful APIs)
  • Multi-tenant architecture bolstered with redundancy and various monitoring tools to ensure 99.5% uptime.

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Back Office Suite

Integrated and collaborative home care scheduling, billing and payroll

Manage your client’s care journey from beginning to end with scheduling, billing and payroll in a single, integrated solution.

back office mockup
Optimized and strategic scheduling and coordination
  • Robust schedule and calendar features
  • Real-time visit scheduling and tracking
  • Automatic schedule updates and alerts
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • Simplified complex scheduling
  • Optimized caregiver matching

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Simplified billing and payroll
  • Preconfigured accounting and payroll exports
  • Simplified complex premiums
  • Comprehensive close out workflow
  • Leverage split-billing, duals and multiple payers
  • Seamless invoicing
Multi-office functionality
  • Ability for agencies to manage branches and offices with appropriate restrictions and visibility
  • Headquarters has visibility into individual branches
  • Branch settings are inherited from headquarters but have the flexibility to override where necessary
Full compliance
  • Real-time interactivity
  • Detailed audit trails
  • Built-in QA and best practices

Advanced reporting & integrated business intelligence
  • Build custom reports in your own environment
  • Access to pre-configured reports build by AlayaCare
  • Create and share visualizations and dashboards

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Home Care Mobile App

The future of home care, right at your fingertips.

Providing caregivers with real-time access to schedules, route details, billing, safety, time tracking, patient data, and form reporting. AlayaCare’s intuitive, responsively designed, and feature-rich app is available on both smartphones and tablets.

care worker mobile app mockup
Simplified point-of-care documentation
  • Free your hands with voice memo and progress note updates.
  • Easy access to a client’s care plans and patient history.
  • Digitally sign-off on documentation with eSignature.
  • No more schedule delays as staff are able to upload information immediately from the field.
Compatible with multiple devices
  • iOS and Android
  • Mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops
Electronic visit verification
  • No more time sheets with GPS based clock in and clock out and Telephony (IVR).
  • Automated time and attendance reconciliation against the schedule.
  • Gain accuracy and increased compliance through location-based EVV.
Real-time communication
  • Schedule updates and employee unavailability in real time.
  • Keep on track through mobile alerts and reminders.
  • Easy access to important contacts with quick link icons.
Increased safety & security
  • Ensure staff are accounted for with exclusive “GPS Tracks” feature that pinpoints location during working hours.
  • Ensure data security with session timeout measures and a secure log-in.
  • All data is encrypted in transit and follows strict privacy legislation.

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Virtual care

A complete virtual care delivery solution: telehealth & video conferencing, wearables and more.

Experience a fully integrated home and community care solution to deliver both traditional and virtual care.

Virtual Care Tablet Mockup
Video conferencing
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • HIPAA-compliant and secure meeting connections
  • Compatible with any video-enabled device


Client portals
  • Visibility into past and upcoming visits, assessments, progress notes and more
  • Integrated educational content
  • Up-to-date health data and vitals


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Family portal

Engage & inform stakeholders in the care of their loved ones.

AlayaCare’s home care family portal feature is equipped with video conferencing and provides key stakeholders with the tools they need to directly engage in the care of their loved ones.

Family Portal
Keep families connected & deliver relevant content
  • Share information with loved ones and keep them up-to-date on patient status
  • Share and collaborate information relating to but not limited to:
    • Care team and their profiles
    • Client scheduling
    • Client desired visit times/dates
    • Educational material and content
  • Determine roles and permissions of various portal users.
  • Publish relevant and pertinent content to various members of the care continuum

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Taking home care software to the next level with optimization, machine learning and R&D

AlayaCare is the only home care software provider offering innovative technologies such as a Patient AppTelehealth DashboardFamily Portal, RPM software, and Machine Learning algorithm-based clinical support tools, which allow for better coordination and quality of care across the healthcare continuum. 

AlayaLabs Mockup
Machine learning & predictive analysis
  • Enable decision support with event-based modelling
  • Dynamic risk scoring and threshold alerts
  • Tuned home health algorithms
Schedule & route optimization
  • Optimized routing to reduce distance and travel costs
  • Employee-client matching for optimized scheduling and coordination

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Business intelligence
  • Capture and measure key data elements
  • Improve business processes and performance
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Create personalized dashboards
  • Provide personalized customer experiences
  • Realize evidence and outcome-based metrics

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