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Private duty home care software designed with your needs and your client's needs in mind.

The AlayaCare web based solution was built from the ground up keeping in mind the your needs of caregiver retention, patient care and keeping family members happy. You'll get all the powerful features and integrations you need — without any of the limitations around the configuration. 

With AlayaCare, you can deliver more personalized care with highly-configurable features supporting multiple services lines. 

AlayaCare's Home Care Private Duty Software

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Featured Resource:

Private Duty Software Buyer’s Guide

Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your legacy private duty software. Or perhaps you’re finally shifting away from paper-based processes and embarking on a cloud based solution.

Regardless of where your agency is currently situated, this guide is intended to help you tick all the relevant, important boxes when contemplating what you need out of a new software platform.


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How AlayaCare Can Support Your Private Duty Goals

  • Web based scheduling that align with your operating priorities such as continuity of care and margin optimization.  
  • Reduce caregiver scheduling time by 40% and recruiting cost by 15% with schedule and route optimization. 
  • Manage your workflows, your way with custom clinical documentation, dashboards and hospitalization tracking. 
  • An integrated system through open APIs and the AlayaSphere ecosystem that your back office operations will love.
  • All in one solution that can cover multiple lines (private duty nursing, home health, facility care settings).
  • Effectively manage multiple geographic locations, agency growth, cash flow and business performance.
  • Electronic visit verification for private duty home care (private pay, private insurance and Medicaid).
  • Providers coordinate care in multiple post acute care settings - mobile solutions to improve patient satisfaction regardless of the point of care.
  • Caregiver management, Client management, client billing, payment processing and payroll data all in one platform.