AlayaCare supporting integrated care needs

Ontario-built home care software solution helping Ontario Health Teams connect patients with care. 


Leading the evolution towards fully integrated care.

AlayaCare believes in and is committed to an integrated home care model – one that uses data to drive best practices, creates a seamless care journey for clients, empowers caregivers, and tightens the administrative back end for Ontario Health Teams.


Our results speak for themselves


of users reported a reduction in administrative processing times


of users have said their quality of work experience has improved since using AlayaCare Cloud


of users reported their access to shifts has improved since using AlayaCare Cloud

Use data to drive best-practices

  • Gather, manipulate and analyze pre- and post-acute device data across your entire geographic region
  • Use data to coordinate care and ultimately lead to better prognoses for patients
  • Leverage Canadian strength in AI to transform schedule & route optimization and preventative intervention of chronic patients


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Create a seamless patient experience

  • Increase patient engagement through virtual care and patient portals
  • Provide visibility of the patient care plan to all key stakeholders
  • Ensure continuity of care through data-driven scheduling and coordination

Empower care teams

  • Enable the care team with real-time access to schedules, route details, billing, risk assessments, time tracking, client data, and clinical forms
  • Send notifications within care teams, including physicians, to notify them of changes in patient status or care coordination
  • Where applicable, all team members can view relevant information within digital assets through either account creation or SSO viewing capacity



Increase interoperability and efficiency

  • With a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, you don’t need to worry about an expensive IT infrastructure, cumbersome updates, version control, or patient data security
  • Leverage built-in APIs for easy data transfer and connection into the community, provincial, and hospital assets
  • Automate scheduling and route optimization software to reduce travel times and costs
  • Centralize referrals in one spot through AlayaCare Marketplace, ensuring the right staff get the referral

Providers love using AlayaCare

Lake Ridge Community Support Services
"It's a more secure platform in which we felt more confident about our client information."
- Lake Ridge Community Support Services
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Acclaim Health
“We use data within AlayaCare to help with our hiring and planning of our staff.”
- Acclaim Health
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Better Living Health and Community Services
“We have dramatically reduced our intake time from 45 minutes down to 15.”
- Better Living Health and Community Services
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Community Advantage Rehabilitation
“Able to document real-time, at the same time, sharing the same information.”
- Community Advantage Rehabilitation
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Learn where AlayaCare meets Ontario home care

The right software can facilitate the coordinated care of an organization's patients and permit any member of their healthcare teams to have real-time information that directs clinical decision-making.

The future of coordinated care is bright: we will soon see a day when integrated, virtual, and collaborative care models will truly break down silos, and information will flow back and forth along the continuum. Data will be on-demand, across any screen, and in real-time.


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