What is the AlayaCare Marketplace?

AlayaCare Marketplace is an integrated tool in AlayaCare Cloud, which allows organizations to send and receive visit referrals between providers.


Digitize the referral process

Send, manage and track all incoming and outgoing referrals in a single system, eliminating the need to pick up the phone or fax referral information.

Address market imbalance

Marketplace enables you to offer or request the availability of care workers from trusted providers in your area to staff visits. AlayaCare regularly reviews performance of participants on both sides of the Marketplace to ensure quality participation.


How it works


The opportunity

Health Authorities

  • Track visit KPIs with embedded analytics
  • Send visit and service offers to verified providers
  • Streamline visit documentation and communication


  • Drive incremental revenue
  • Fill care provider schedules and meet guaranteed hour requirements
  • Accept referrals directly from verified providers in your network
  • Solve staffing shortfalls by sending our visits or services to verified providers

Get started

Be an early adopter and join the Marketplace to start sending and receiving referrals. Fill out the form to indicate your interest in learning more about Marketplace today.


Frequently asked questions

What is AlayaCare Marketplace?

AlayaCare Marketplace is an integrated tool in AlayaCare Cloud, which allows organizations to send and receive offers for care.

Providers using AlayaCare’s Marketplace can work in harmony to balance staffing needs ensuring every agency has access and availability to every possible unit of care in the market.

How will AlayaCare Marketplace work?

Marketplace will allow information to flow seamlessly within the application and eliminate the need for faxes, emails and scheduling issues.

What are the benefits of AlayaCare Marketplace?
  1. Makes demand scheduling easier and more efficient
  2. Provides new revenue opportunities for suppliers
  3. Streamlines subcontracting documentation and communication
  4. Reduce the need for care providers to have to work for multiple providers in order to fill their schedule
  5. Achieve better outcomes for both businesses and patients
What are the required terms for using AlayaCare Marketplace?
  1. Terms of participation can be found here.
  2. Code of Conduct can be found here.
Regulatory Requirements & Compliance

All services rendered that are funded by the province of Ontario are held to the standards and requirements as set out by the Ministry of Health, Ontario Health, LHIN, Ontario Health Teams, and HCCSS.

What will AlayaCare Marketplace cost me?

Access to AlayaCare’s Marketplace is included in your AlayaCare contract. Transactions will be subject to a market clearing fee depending on your region. Contact teamalayamarket@alayacare.com for more details.

Who do I contact to learn more about AlayaCare Marketplace?

Reach out to your Client Relationship Manager to learn more about Marketplace and how it can help you fill gaps you may be facing due to care worker shortages and the increasing demands.

Who am I working with in the marketplace? Where are the caregivers coming from?

Participants you are interacting with in AlayaCare Marketplace are selected by your organization. You can designate a Trusted Network, which is the selection of other agencies you would like to send/receive Offers to/from. We have different offer methodologies to allow you to determine how offers are distributed within your Trusted Network. The caregivers assigned work for the organization whom an offer is assigned by your team.

Where is visit documentation being completed?

Documentation is being completed in the supplier's system. After completion, this documentation will be sent back to you by the supplier.

When can I use AlayaCare Marketplace?

Marketplace is being rolled out region by region, to ensure an adequate number of providers are participating. Contact your Client Relationship Manager for details on when it will be available in your region.

How do I get support with questions regarding AlayaCare Marketplace?

If you have questions or are looking for AlayaCare Marketplace support, you can connect with our customer support agents in our AlayaCare Support Centre.

How do I access AlayaCare Marketplace?

Reach out to your Client Relationship Manager to begin the setup process.