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Payroll Integration


Viventium provides AlayaCare customers an intuitive software that allows agencies to streamline and optimize their HR processes to drive maximum employee retention.

Recruitment Retention

Caribou Rewards

Launch a staff rewards program built for home care – motivate staff to recruit their friends, perform their best, and hit retention milestones.


Rubi Works is a technology consulting firm that specializes in solving small to enterprise-sized problems that require a broad range of analytical, technical, and creative skills.

Referrals Integration


Caredove is a referral management platform that helps networks of home care and community health organizations capture and manage referrals.

Integration Care Worker Management


ClearStar, Inc. is a leading and trusted provider of global background check and drug screening technology and services. Our mobile solutions are seamlessly integrated with Alayacare and our mission is to completely verify your caregivers while reducing workflow and costs for you.

Integration Hiring


Hireology offers an all-in-one hiring and talent management platform for businesses of all sizes. Their platform enables home care agencies to centralize their hiring processes to save time, streamline operations, and build their best team.


Training Integration


CareAcademy is a mobile-friendly caregiver learning management platform that delivers interpersonal and technical skills training.

Clinical Integration

Ace Age

AceAge’s product Karie is a personal health companion that organizes, schedules, and dispenses pills with one-button technology, ensuring that patients are taking the right medication at the right time. Karie is easy to use, enables greater patient autonomy and ensures better healthcare through a highly coordinated program. 

Care Coordination Integration


Cobalt provides a simple and highly secure app to ensure that response teams react as required in a timely fashion, keeping businesses and communities safe. 

With Cobalt, clients are able to reduce reaction time when incidents occur. Cobalt has all the resiliency management and incident response features needed in a single app.

Billing Integration


Tambla provides cloud-based intelligence workforce solutions that enable AlayaCare to apply complex pay rules and overtime to agency payrolls.



The AlayaCare solution is a cloud-based SaaS platform that is delivered and hosted on AWS. AlayaCare is also proud to be a Technology Partner within the AWS Partner Network.

Coordination Clinical Integration


ionMy is an integrated, evidence-based Governance, Risk Management and Compliance platform.

Billing Integration


Experience streamlined revenue cycle management focused on improving healthcare reimbursement with our Waystar integration.

Clinical Integration


Docmosis is a document generation software that AlayaCare partners with to generate documents, reports, and other outputs based on templates.

Billing Referrals Integration


SOLJIT is your trusted integration specialist for Salesforce, OneSpan, Alfresco and more.


KPI Insight

KPI Insights provides home care and community care providers with enhanced business intelligence and data science services to support benchmarking, business optimization, and workforce planning.



Pentaho’s BI and data analytics integration enhances AlayaCare's real-time data analytics and customizable reporting.

Referrals Integration


Client Health & Related Inforamtion System. Gain access to prompt service updates, referrals, and patient records directly from the source.

Coordination Scheduling


Twilio is a cloud communications platform enabling AlayaCare to add messaging, voice and video to our web and mobile applications



Tapcheck is an award-winning financial wellness company that improves business performance and profitability through their on-demand pay and financial education benefits for employees.

Care Worker Management


CareConnect is a modern digital workforce and human capital management platform that enables Home Healthcare agencies accomplish more in less time. Our solutions make it easy to attract, acquire, onboard, place, train and retain caregivers, anytime on any device. CareConnect optimizes patient caregiver consistency leading to better outcomes.

Customer Relationship Management


Inflowcare streamlines your CRM, patient intake, and caregiver onboarding processes with a cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates with AlayaCare and other platforms critical to your agency’s success. This in turn leads to faster admissions, higher conversion rates, and lower costs.

Compliance Training is the leading online compliance training platform for organizations that care about compliance and care even more about world class training. We provide the highest quality of training that is cost effective and stress free.


Swift Medical

Swift Skin and Wound is one of the most advanced digital wound solutions being used in home care today. Our solution is designed to allow clinicians to take precise and consistent wound measurements, assess and document changing wound conditions, and view wound progression and trending at the point-of-care, using only a mobile device.

Coordination Billing


Eliminate bottlenecks, improve staff efficiency and lower operational costs with Element5’s workflow automation solution.

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