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Gain a fresh perspective and new ideas for running your home health care organization by listening and learning from industry professionals around the globe.

Hosted by home health tech expert Jeff Howell, you’ll hear from home health care leaders on trending industry news, challenges, and best practices to help prepare you for the future of care.

Tune in every month to stay in the know and bring your team actionable insights from the best in the business.

Recent episodes

The Business of Mergers and Acquisitions in Home Care with Robinson + Cole

2021 has seen an explosion of transactions for home health mergers ...

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The state of home care in the UK with Jane Townson, CEO of HomeCare Association

Jane Townson, CEO of HomeCare Association in the UK, chats to us ...

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The Business of Home Health Conferences with Lincoln Health Leadership

On this episode of Home Health 360, we sit down with Tim Craig, the ...

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The importance of clinical excellence and caregiver retention in home health care with Right at Home

On this episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with LaNita Knote ...

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Exploring challenges and growth opportunities in pediatric home healthcare with MGA Homecare

Children’s needs differ to adults when it comes to home care, yet ...

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How Evergreen Health overcame challenges as the first US home care organization to respond to COVID-19

Navigating the Pandemic wasn't easy for anyone, let alone being a ...

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Family Resource Home Care & Senior Solutions home care

Guest host Erin Vallier sits down with Jeff Wiberg, CEO of Family ...

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How to address the growing demand for personal attendant services

Guest host Erin Vallier sits down with Scott Roberts, VP Operations ...

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The role & impact of competency programs in home health

In this episode, our guest host, Erin Vallier sits down with ...

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The changing face of home care with Neal Kursban and Bob Roth

With the nationwide home care worker shortage, how do you ensure a ...

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Tips from Griswold Home Care for attracting new franchisees and caregivers

We sit down with Michael Slupecki, CEO, and Shelley Kanther, VP ...

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How Right at Home UK is tackling caregiver recruitment in a post-Brexit world

In this episode, we sit down and chat with Lucy Campbell, CEO of ...

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Bonus Episode - HHCN Home Care Conference 2021

Our host, Jeff Howell takes the show on the road at the recent HHCN ...

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How to structure a franchise model for growth with Assisting Hands Home Care

Lane Kofoed, President & CEO, and Dan Durney, Director of ...

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Personalizing the care-at-home experience with John Kunysz & Andrew French

In this episode, AlayaCare’s Erin Vallier sits down with John ...

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Jennifer Tucker of Homewatch CareGivers on the importance of holistic care in the home

In this episode, we were lucky enough to sit down with Jennifer ...

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Self Directed Care: Australia's Unique Funder Model

In this episode, we head to Australia and talk with Rosie Lawn, CEO ...

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Improving patient communication and predicting caregiver turnover

Today we were lucky enough to talk with Jennifer Maxwell, CEO and ...

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Using technology to attract the right caregivers

Host Jeff Howell talks with Tim Rowan, president of Rowan ...

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How countries are changing their home health practices with technology

Dr. Joseph Jasser, Chief Medical Officer at Elara Caring and Adrian ...

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How one franchisee navigated the pandemic and retained caregivers

Angie Kunnath, Owner and COO, and Matt Vijayan, President & CEO ...

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Modern caregiver training for improving client outcomes

Mari Baxter, COO, and David Chandler, Senior Director of Strategic ...

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The future of home health with Zayna Khayat & Matt Kroll

We sat down with Zayna Khayat, Future Strategist at SE Heath, and ...

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