Family Portal

Keep Clients Connected Through The Family Portal

AlayaCare’s family portal updates in real-time and provides clients and their families with the tools they need to directly engage in the care of their loved ones.

“The Family Portal leaves no room for wonder because if you have questions about the goals of care or what your treatment path is, you log in and it’s all right there to look at. It significantly reduces any doubts somebody might have about what they are supposed to be doing at home for themselves, or why."

- Patient Advocate and Product Consultant


Inform and Empower Loved Ones

Change the conversation with your clients’ family and caregivers by providing all the information they have historically called your agency inquiring about reducing the amount of time your staff spends answering questions that are stored in your home care agency software.

  • Schedule information as well as availability and visit change requests
  • Client health reports and care plan details
  • Billing, invoice and administration questions

Market Additional Services to Clients

Drive unparalleled additional revenue with no acquisition cost by offering and suggesting additional and augmented services to a captive and engaged audience.

  • Easy to add suggested related services for loved ones
  • Offer private duty services to augment public support
  • Market learning and educational opportunities
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Provide Family with Interactive Content

Improve outcomes by guiding family members and caregivers to support your clients with targeted educational tools and even video conferencing tuned to their family members condition and care.

  • General and condition specific content management
  • Video conference option for clinician and supervisor video chats
  • Promote standard agency sessions and programs

Recent Posts on Family Portal

  • Access Healthcare

    “AlayaCare has a strong team with excellent leadership and an excellent product. But most importantly, they listen to what we need for a truly tailored experience. Not many companies listen to -- and then implement real solutions for -- client concerns.”  

    - Dylaina Wood, Director, Business Development & Product Management at Access Healthcare Services Inc.

  • Integracare

    “I can access information in AlayaCare, read the progress notes and summarize everything for the family as I’m talking on the phone. It makes our whole team look better – we’re providing better care for our clients.”

    Lisa Sundarsingh, VP, Care Operations at Integracare

  • OCSR

    “AlayaCare is different from other software solutions – it has given us the confidence that operations are going well, visibility into how things are going, and the ability to check in wherever I am.”

    - Sebastian Ignacio Arasanz, Director of Client Services at Oakville Senior Citizens Residence

  • acclaimhealth

    "AlayaCare was unlike any other platform we'd seen. Most systems start their lives as databases, and then the people working with them have to spend a lot of time developing work arounds in order to get the system to handle the needs of their patients and staff. AlayaCare has turned that on its head."

    - Angela Brewer, CEO at Acclaim Health