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Randi Baxter Posted on Dec 1, 2017

For many home care providers there is no lack of clients or business coming their way. The real challenge is how to recruit and retain high-quality staff to meet the demand. Many HR and Operations Managers look to bring on more staff, which is part of the answer, but we believe increasing utilization of your existing staff is the first area to explore. 

Providers are expected to care for more clients with fewer resources, which is why an increasing number of agencies are turning to technology to help alleviate time-consuming processes, and increase efficiencies.

At AlayaCare we’ve been working hard with our partner VHA Home Health and other leading professionals to develop and reap the benefits of an optimization algorithm in the back office module of the AlayaCare platform. This new feature better equips agencies to address the number one challenge that all home and community care providers face – care worker shortage. 

Introducing AlayaCare’s Schedule and Route Optimization Tools

Leverage advanced algorithms to maximize agency resources and deliver more efficient care with AlayaCare’s Schedule and Route Optimization.  

With these new optimization features, your agency can:

  • Create more efficient schedules and routes
  • Determine the best care worker to perform visits in the best order on the best days
  • Reduce your agency’s carbon footprint through reduced travel
  • Improve the continuity and quality of care provided
  • Analyze and identify staffing efficiencies to create the capacity needed to meet growing demand

Agency challenges and how AlayaCare’s Schedule and Route Optimization solves them: 

Challenge #1

The demand for care workers is far outpacing the number of workers in the industry, post-secondary graduates, and the percentage of newcomers experienced in this field.

Caregiver Shortage.png


With AlayaCare’s Schedule and Route Optimization features, schedulers and coordinators have the tools to ensure they are efficiently utilizing current staff to their maximum potential. Serve more clients with existing staff with more favorable coordinators/schedulers to field staff.

Challenge #2

The home care industry presents a particularly challenging optimization problem given some visits are time specific, while other clients require home care workers with specific skills and training. Furthermore, the government (payers/insurance) asks home care companies to schedule services with a high degree of continuity (have the same home care worker deliver services to the same clients). 


AlayaCare computes and factors the following variables for shift/visit placement, ensuring you’re coordinating the most informed and efficient visits as possible:

  • Employee skills, licenses, certifications
  • Relevant soft skills, attributes and lifestyle characteristics for ex: dog lover
  • Employee tenure, seniority and rank
  • Employee home proximity, travel distance and even mode of transportation
  • Determines capacity, utilization and labor constraints (Overtime, Labor regulations)
  • Considers pre-existing continuity of care data, for example which of your employees has ever provided service to client X
  • Schedule optimization and forecasting – permit software to recommend minor changes and schedule re-shuffle for efficiency 

Home Care Schedule Optimization Filters

Challenge #3

Access to schedule updates is limited due to paper processes or legacy solutions. Once the ideal schedule and routes are calculated, there is no way to update care workers in real time. Visibility into staffing inefficiencies and analyzing capacity is also cumbersome without the right tools in place. 


With AlayaCare, you can distribute schedules and shift offers directly to care providers via the AlayaCare Mobile App, and benchmark/measure productivity and financial progress through aggregate reports and analytics.  

Home Care Shift Offer 

Home Care Shift Offer Notification

Challenge #4

Standardizing coordination and scheduling workflow can be a major challenge. Humans are non-conformist and have nuanced interpretations to accomplishing the task of coordination and scheduling. More concerning are situations where a coordinator and care worker determine roster decisions with more self-interest than the greater organizational benefit. Consider a coordinator/scheduler topping up hours for a care worker that yields sub-optimal mileage and scheduling for the entire agency.


With AlayaCare’s schedule and route optimization feature, bias is removed. The algorithm recognizes constraints and delivers to schedulers/coordinators with ideal routes and care worker suggestions.


Check out the AlayaCare Schedule & Route Optimization Tools 

Whether your agency is currently operating on paper documentation or your working on a dated legacy solution, AlayaCare could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Learn more about how AlayaCare’s Schedule and Route Optimization and back office solution can drive your organization forward by clicking the link below.

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