Quality of Service

AlayaCare endeavors to make certain that the care provided through visits in AlayaMarket meets the standards you would expect from your own agency. In addition, that care providers can provide care in a safe environment and are treated with respect. AlayaCare will continually monitor performance feedback and evaluate quality of care to ensure participants are adding value to this network. We are driven to enable the care we want our loved ones to receive in the place they call home.


We are acutely aware of the challenges you face every day operating your business. We firmly believe in empowering you and your key decision makers with insightful data to ensure that Better Outcomes are achieved. KPIs like Offer acceptance ratios, Referral Revenue, Supply & Demand response time, and more will be available.

Build your Network

Within the AlayaMarket network you elect organizations who you’d like to participate with. All participants are bound by this network of trust and overseen by AlayaCare.

Participant Code of Conduct

AlayaCare Market Icon _1 Trust Be trustworthy and act with integrity
AlayaCare Market Icon _2 Accurate & Timely Provide accurate & timely information to AlayaCare and other AlayaMarket participants
AlayaCare Market Icon _3 Act fairly Act fairly and do not misuse AlayaCare’s features or services
AlayaCare Market Icon _4 Attempt to damage Do not attempt to damage the reputation of AlayaCare or other AlayaMarket participants
AlayaCare Market Icon _5 Attempt to influence Do not attempt to influence customers’ ratings, feedback, and reviews
AlayaCare Market Icon _6 Unsolicited or inappropriate Do not send unsolicited or inappropriate communications to other AlayaMarket participants
AlayaCare Market Icon _7 Contact Demand Do not contact Demand Participant clients directly after care has been provided
AlayaCare Market Icon _8 Contact Communicate Do not contact or communicate with care providers of other AlayaMarket participants, unless it is expressly allowed by their employer
AlayaCare Market Icon _9 Circumvent Do not attempt to circumvent the AlayaMarket matching process
AlayaCare Market Icon _10 Information from Participation Do not use information from participation in AlayaMarket to gain advantage in your market
AlayaCare Market Icon _11 Maintain the reqired Maintain the required insurance in jurisdictions you participate in with AlayaMarket
AlayaCare Market Icon _12 Adhere to relevant Adhere to relevant privacy law in your jurisdiction (HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA, Privacy Act 1988- Australia)
AlayaCare Market Icon _13 Report any activities Report any activities which you feel violate the Terms of Participation, or the Participant Code of Conduct to team-alayamarket@alayacare.com


AlayaMarket Cancellation Policy

Once a Demand Participant assigns an Offer to a Supply Participant, either party may cancel this referral up to two hours prior to start of care. When a cancellation is made between two hours and twelve hours prior to start of care, 25% of the Suppliers Rate will be charged to the party who cancelled. Cancellations made 24 hours or greater prior to start of care will not incur any cancellation fees.

Cancellation within two hours to start of care, or failure to follow through on a transaction by either Demand or Supply will result in 75% of the Suppliers Rate charged to the participant.


Violation of this Code of Conduct, or the AlayaMarket Terms of Participation will result in a review, and potential termination of AlayaMarket participation.