Taking Home Care Technology to The Next Level 

AlayaCare is the only home care software provider offering innovative technologies such as a Patient AppTelehealth DashboardFamily Portal, RPM software, and Machine Learning algorithm-based clinical support tools, which allow for better coordination and quality of care across the healthcare continuum.  

Machine Learning to Harness your Data

Capturing clinical and event data is tremendously useful to monitor clients. With Machine Learning, we can augment that task and the outcomes by analyzing data and predicting events such as falls and hospital readmissions with tremendous accuracy.

  • Tuned home health care algorithms
  • Event based modelling – re-admissions, falls, etc.
  • Capture data within AlayaCare and from 3rd party systems

Reduced Cost Through Optimization

Streamlining travel time, maximizing resources and minimizing waste are only a few of the benefits tackled by incorporating optimization in the day-to-day back office coordination and scheduling. Learn More

  • Incorporate mapping for better staffing, client coordination and hiring
  • Optimized routing to improve travel costs
  • Tune agency priorities such as punctuality, continuity, employee satisfaction and margin
Learn how your home care agency can prepare, adapt and thrive in a value-based purchasing (VBP) landscape with the help of modern home care technology.
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Rich Insightful Long Term Planning

Tackling data and patterns in bulk provides organizations with the ability to plan staffing, services and even clinics to match outcomes, needs and trends.

  • Match geographic, care and event data for robust models
  • Long term and short term planning and reporting
  • Analytics to track and project regional and zone trends

Recent Posts on AlayaLabs

  • Access Healthcare

    “AlayaCare has a strong team with excellent leadership and an excellent product. But most importantly, they listen to what we need for a truly tailored experience. Not many companies listen to -- and then implement real solutions for -- client concerns.”  

    - Dylaina Wood, Director, Business Development & Product Management at Access Healthcare Services Inc.

  • Integracare

    “I can access information in AlayaCare, read the progress notes and summarize everything for the family as I’m talking on the phone. It makes our whole team look better – we’re providing better care for our clients.”

    Lisa Sundarsingh, VP, Care Operations at Integracare

  • OCSR

    “AlayaCare is different from other software solutions – it has given us the confidence that operations are going well, visibility into how things are going, and the ability to check in wherever I am.”

    - Sebastian Ignacio Arasanz, Director of Client Services at Oakville Senior Citizens Residence

  • acclaimhealth

    "AlayaCare was unlike any other platform we'd seen. Most systems start their lives as databases, and then the people working with them have to spend a lot of time developing work arounds in order to get the system to handle the needs of their patients and staff. AlayaCare has turned that on its head."

    - Angela Brewer, CEO at Acclaim Health