Security Responsibility

Security in the cloud is a shared responsibility between our customers, AlayaCare and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Shared Responsibility Model


The Personal Health Information Protection Act (“PHIPA”) is a provincial health privacy statue. It establishes rules for the management of personal health information (PHI) and protection of the confidentiality of that information, while facilitating the effective delivery of healthcare services

Home Care Agency: Health Information Custodian (HIC) is a person or organization that delivers healthcare services.
A HIC has custody or control of PHI as a result of the work it does
The HIC has the right to deal with the PHI and create records as well as the responsibility to maintain the confidentiality and security of the PHI

Delivery Partner (AlayaCare): AlayaCare acts as an Agent to a HIC
AlayCare acts for or on behalf of the HIC in respect of collecting, using or disclosing PHI, for the purposes of the HIC, and not its own purposes

PHI includes:
- Names
- Geographic identifiers (< province/state)
- Dates (< year)
- Phone / Fax Numbers/ Email
- Medical record numbers
- Health insurance numbers, BRNs, Client IDs, Account numbers
- Certificate / license numbers
- Vehicle identifies
- Device IDs / serial numbers
- URLs
- IP addresses
- Biometrics
- Photographs of the face
- Any other identifying information

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