A Fully Integrated
Remote Patient Monitoring
(RPM) Solution for Home
and Community Care

AlayaCare offers an end-to-end system enabling both traditional
and virtual care delivery through real-time data and remote monitoring solutions.

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Empower Clients and Inform Care Providers

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Enable decision support

Provide clients with daily health checks, and set threshold alerts of negative trending vitals.


Provide proactive care 

Personalized alerts and dashboards give clients and providers visibility into critical health information to ensure key stakeholders can take preventive action.


Remain outcome-focused

Capture relevant client data and make more informed decisions in order to accomplish outcome-based goals. 

Benefits of AlayaCare’s Remote Patient Monitoring Solution:

  • Enable decision support with threshold alerts of negative trending vitals
  • Filter and score clients based on clinical data to help prioritize care delivery 
  • Configure monitoring plans tied into client care plans
  • Be more proactive in care delivery
  • Seamlessly integrated into upstream intake and down stream back office implications (billing, payroll, visit approval, care documentation)

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for Telehealth

It is no secret that RPM is considered to have true potential to improve the quality of life and care for patients. Equipping supervisory and clinical teams with the ability to gauge real-time vitals from afar, supported with novel artificial intelligence that powers the analysis of huge reams of data, is changing the face of home healthcare.

This fact is not lost on AlayaCare, as we have steadfastly ensured that our technology fully embraces the potential of RPM. Our experience with real-time data collection to date has revealed many clear benefits: enabling clinical staff and supervisors to monitor clients from afar; reducing unnecessary and costly visits; and proactively addressing client needs, for starters.



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