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AlayaCare’s pediatric emr software can help increase transparency, save time and
reduce errors resulting in better quality care for pediatric practices.

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Enhance care for pediatric patients through improved quality and efficiency

Pediatrics practices require reliable, high-quality pediatric emr software to ensure the best clinical outcomes. To make sure your agency can operationally handle more complex needs, it’s critical to have a high-functioning practice management software in place. Alayacare helps nextgen healthcare providers with patient medical records, a fully integrated patient portal, appointment reminders, medical billing and a clinical workflow that will allow you to focus on patient outcomes instead of frustrating dual entry. 

AlayaCare's Pediatric Practice Management Software

pediatric emr software

Home Health EMR software designed for healthcare organizations and patient satisfaction in mind.

pediatric ehr software

The flexibility of the best pediatric emr software can be determined by its ability to adapt to your pediatric practice patient data and workflows and how well its functionality reflects the needs of your clients. Your data is as unique as your organization. Sometimes, this means that the story you need it to tell won’t always fit into traditional home and community care reporting best healthcare practices.  

AlayaCare's pediatric ehr was built from the ground up keeping in mind the personal needs of both your pediatrics practice and your clients. You'll get all the powerful features and integrations you need — without any of the limitations around the configuration of most integrated practice management software solutions. 

A mobile app your nurses and aids will love and a convenient family portal


Nurses and aides have access to a cloud-based system through a user-friendly smartphone or tablet app that features a unique, secure login for them to clock-in safely and effectively document care on the clients' electronic medical records. 

In addition, family members will be able to access a family portal so they can access their child’s documentation and care plan details - the perfect tool for patient education and their families - a feature basic ehr software solutions cannot provide.

pediatric software

Integrated Practice Management System for Supporting an Integrated Care Mix

AlayaCare can support specific pediatric needs, by: 

  • Custom and configurable clinical documentation (pediatric growth charts, gender specific growth charts, new patient's immunization chart, etc.)
  • Exploring and reporting on data such as compliance reports, billing data, ehr data and key performance indicators; data warehouse development
  • Telehealth capabilities - virtual visits and prescribe medication remotely
  • Linking to a patient portal for visibility into care plans and patient history
  • Managing revenue cycle management for Medicaid services and private insurance (billing and payroll) 
  • Works for home health, ambulatory practices and pediatric clinic settings
  • Screening tools (preventive care screenings, COVID tracking/tracing)
  • Managing, coordinating and scheduling care workers 
  • Linking securely to each client’s electronic health records 
  • Mobile app to access patient records at the point of care 
  • Data encryption technologies and facial recognition
  • Cloud based services that are Hipaa compliant
  • Handling shift approvals and EVV 
  • Configurable specialty workflow
  • Preventive care notifications
  • Customizable templates

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Learn More About AlayaCare's Pediatric EHR Software

As a leading provider of innovative pediatric EMR systems, AlayaCare is committed to helping your medical practice improve operational efficiency and more importantly, client outcomes.

EHR and practice management go hand in hand.  From patient eligibility to patient charts, electronic health records, leveraging analytics algorithm predictions, and pharmacy management software, pediatric practices agree that Alayacare's cloud based EMR software and team of EMR software experts and EMR consultants lead the the market globally as the best EHR and practice management software on the market today.

Speak with an AlayaCare team member and learn how we can support your pediatric EMR software and practice management needs today.