Next Generation Home Care Has Arrived

Impact of CDC and NDIS Changes 

Consumer Directed Care (CDC)  and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for home, community and aged care promote a market-driven approach that empowers clients; it emphasises clients’ right to have more visibility, engagement, and arguably the most integral component—choice in the care and services they receive.

Most aged care organisations are poorly positioned to accommodate this shift due to lack of transparency and inadequate data management tools. Meanwhile, the availability of powerful and affordable aged care information and communication technology, both for providers and clients, has raised the capacity to gather and process more information, communicate more effectively, and monitor the quality of care delivered. 

Next Generation Has Arrived

The expectation of software for the aged, disability and community care sector is changing. Organisations require more sophisticated, consumer-focused solutions to meet the challenges of an evolving landscape. 

While other vendors have strived to update their existing software, we have developed a modern, revolutionary platform. AlayaCare has developed a next-generation software that is intuitive, responsive and simple to use.

Our platform is equipped to give our clients the tools to meet the needs of the future of the home and community care industry. Here are some of the solutions we offer to help simplify care delivery, solve the challenges faced by organisations and improve the lives of the people receiving care.

Home Care Funding & Budgeting

With the consumer having more flexibility and choice over what services they receive and how they receive them, they are now entitled to select their services according to what they see fit. This brings the urgency for a platform that is able to disseminate information and break down each service, the cost; hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly as well as the notes that are taken down after each service. Here's a preview of AlayaCare's home care funding, budget and statement layout:

AlayaCare CDC Budget and Statement

Machine Learning and Remote Patient Monitoring

With machine learning, algorithms are used to analyze data and predict future events, delivering a level of insight far beyond human capability. The technology can identify hidden trends and patterns in data from a wide variety of sources. Because of this, its use in remote patient monitoring is invaluable.  

As a complementary piece to face-to-face client care, software such as AlayaCare’s remote patient monitoring solution combined with Big Data can help people remain in their homes longer with fewer interventions required. 

Schedule and Route Optimization

By addressing how home visits are scheduled, care can be delivered more efficiently. Our numbers indicate that home care agencies stand to reduce their field workers’ travel time by over 30% per week and the amount of time spent scheduling and rescheduling by up to 35% a week through the use of modern software solutions.  

This is just a brief look at different ways of thinking about optimal home care delivery -- something that all agencies should challenge themselves to consider as the home care landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace. 

Interested in learning more about how AlayaCare can help your organisation? Request a demo of our solution and speak with one of our experts today. 

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