White Paper: Machine Learning & Home Care

What's the paper about?

Machine Learning White Paper

This paper discusses the benefits of applying machine learning to streams of incoming remote patient monitoring vitals for decision support. The vital data was provided by We Care, who analyzed/collected over three years of patient monitoring. The machine learning analysis and development was executed by AlayaCare labs – the research and development arm of AlayaCare software.

You’ll learn about topics such as:

1. What is machine learning?

2.How does machine learning apply to home health care?

3. Methodology of our machine learning study

4. Research results

Machine learning, combined with the dramatic increase in the availability and volume of data collected, has the ability to transform the home health care industry. This trend has the potential to become a fundamental decision-support tool for care workers on a routine basis, helping to maximize efficiencies and minimize overall costs. Download the white paper and see how machine learning has the potential to revolutionize home health care.

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