Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) Billing

Optimize and expand your policy options to improve the client experience with AlayaCare’s LTCI Billing solution. 

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More flexibility to meet your billing needs

AlayaCare offers unique functionality that simplifies the LTCI billing process. Unlike any other home care software, our solution enables your agency to differentiate your services by offering to manage LTCI claim submissions with a process that’s seamless for your staff to manage. We streamline the LTCI submission process so that data management and bulk invoicing can be completed with a few clicks so that you can focus on providing a holistic and high touch home care experience. 

Benefits of AlayaCare’s Long Term Care Insurance Billing

Meet Complex Billing Needs Icon

Meet Complex Billing Needs

Automate your billing rules for each one of your client’s policies, no matter how complex they are. With AlayaCare’s Payor Invoicing capabilities, you’ll have the flexibility to manage numerous terms and deductibles to ensure that LTCI providers are charged with exactly what they are intended to be charged.

Manage Policy Details & Authorizations Icon

ManagPolicy Details & Authorizations

Take control of your authorizations by enabling better visibility at the point of scheduling, to ensure that you are not overbooking. You’ll be able to set your term dates and authorization amounts per service and manage these efficiently across multiple, different client.

Create Bulk & Aggregated Billing Icon

Create Bulk Aggregated Billing

Use our Data Gatherer to seamlessly generate and submit bulk invoices to insurance companies on behalf of your clients.  AlayaCare will translate the information across multiple client calendars into one, aggregated invoice for your insurance payors. You can track payments within AlayaCare to determine what has been paid and what you’re still waiting on.

Increase Claims Approval with Supporting Documentation Icon

Increase Claims Approval with Supporting Documentation

AlayaCare’s Batch Client Chart Export allows you to increase your claims approval. you’re able to easily pull all the required pieces of information, such as, client charts, completed ADLs, completed forms, care plans, etcetera, for multiple clients in one shot to send off to your payors. You can then save templates of these exports to save time in the future.

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