Data Exploration and Advanced Analytics

Pentaho, a leading Business Intelligence (BI) platform provides a highly flexible platform for collecting, reporting and analyzing data from all fields from the end-to-end software. By integrating Pentaho’s BI and data analytics into its end-to-end home healthcare platform, AlayaCare now offers a Data Exploration tool; a suite of on-demand data analytics and customizable reporting for departments, agencies and even payers across the entire AlayaCare global network.

More Effectively Collect, Store and Manage Health Data

With rising costs, population growth and ever-changing regulatory demands, healthcare providers require an analytics solution that is flexible enough to integrate clinical, patient, financial and operational systems - all while providing easy-to-use analytics for analysts and non-technical users. The partnership between AlayaCare and Pentaho provides home care organizations with just that.

Make Better Business Decisions 

AlayaCare's integration with Pentaho enables users to mine and analyze data faster and more efficiently than ever before. This feature solves the end-to-end BI challenge in home and community healthcare, translating raw multi-source data into high quality insight for employees and patients.

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