Integrated Care in Ontario

Learn How AlayaCare Can Help Deliver Quadruple Aim Results 

AlayaCare Quadruple Aim

How do we deliver these results? AlayaCare provides health organizations with full visibility into all operational and clinical data through a full suite of technology solutions. Playing an important role in the creation of a fully integrated health system in Ontario, AlayaCare also provides the following functionality:

 Built-in APIs - AlayaCare has built in APIs for easy data transfer and connection into the community (Caredove), provincial (CHRIS) and hospital assets. Learn more about the AlayaSphere.

 Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning - We leverage Canadian strength in AI to transform: schedule & route optimization, readmission prediction and preventative intervention of chronic patients through sub-clinical risk stratification. 

 Leading Edge Cloud Technology - As a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, you don’t need to worry about an expensive IT infrastructure, cumbersome updates, version control or patient data security.

• SSO & Alerts - Send notifications within care teams, including physicians, to notify them of changes in patient status or care coordination.

• Population Health Management - Gather, manipulate and analyze pre- and post-acute device data across your entire geographic region.

Where AlayaCare Meets Ontario Home Care

With AlayaCare, agencies can manage patients preferences and care data, staff skills and capacity and the creation of relevant schedules in one application, as well as decision support (expert-based or AI risk assessment) and capacity for virtual care (video conferencing or remote patient monitoring). Agencies can utilise the data analytics within AlayaCare to iteratively improve care and manage costs appropriately.

Outside of our scope of clinical expertise, AlayaCare has the capacity to connect with other digital platforms within the Health Team (hospital, etc) through APIs and other connectivity formats to reduce the complexity, cost and burden of care coordination. Where applicable, all team members can view relevant information within digital assets through either account creation or SSO viewing capacity. 

Integrated Care with AlayaCare Home Care Software

Our results speak for themselves

Reduce Costs
Before implementing AlayaCare’s solution, 65% of Access Healthcare Services' work was paper-based. Now that their paper use is vastly reduced, they're saving 15% in administration fees and seeing fewer errors.


Increased Efficiency
Since the implementation of AlayaCare, our client Acclaim Health streamlined processes and workflows with real-time visibility, communication and access to patient reporting, scheduling and billing all in one place. They saw 100% uptake by PSWs on mobile by Day 3 and reduced administrative processing times by 87%


Fastest Growing Home Care Software Company
Since 2014, AlayaCare has grown from a small Canadian startup into a global home health-care disrupter with more than 500 employees committed to helping people live a better quality of life in the comfort of their own homes. Its history is being defined with each passing year, as AlayaCare leads the industry through a transition from fee-for-service to value-based care.


OHT Self-Assessment

AlayaCare has Created a Number of Resources for Agencies Undergoing the OHT Self-Assessment Process.

Whether you're an AlayaCare client, or interested in learning how AlayaCare can position you for success in the OHT shift, download our pre-populated self-assessment form and get one step ahead.

Download the Self-Assessment

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