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AlayaCare provides multiple electronic functions to support infusion therapy in the home or clinic settings from client referrals and intake to billing.

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Increase Operational Efficiency with AlayaCare's Home Infusion Software

Manage, track and automate your infusion operations from intake to billing with AlayaCare's home infusion software solution. Experience electronic point of care documentation, real-time updates and comprehensive reporting tools that will allow you and your staff to focus less on administrative tasks and more on delivering high quality care. 

Key Features of AlayaCare's Home Infusion Software:

  • Optimized for all devices
  • Provides easy to use clinical documentation for infusion therapy
  • Tracking and managing care time vs. ongoing time
  • Electronic pre and post-infusion documentation
  • Schedule and route optimization
  • Handles multiple offices or clinics within one system
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Home Infusion Clinical Documentation Software  AlayaCare

Keep your Organization on Track By Utilizing AlayaCare's Paperless Infusion Workflows. 

All your documents and information is stored inside the cloud-based platform.

With AlayaCare's Home Infusion Software you will:


Reduce Costs
Eliminate lack of visibility, siloed data and manual administrative tasks ensuring you keep more of the margins to reinvest in the business.


Increase Efficiency & Transparency
Pull meaningful reports and insights to the forefront. Rest assured knowing you can structure your data in a way that aligns to the way your business thinks and operates.


Increase Caregiver Retention & Satisfaction
Realize the benefits of an all-in-one solution that will optimize schedules and improve quality of life for employees and clients alike. 

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Improve Client Satisfaction
Leverage advanced reporting and KPIs to track and report on on-time client visits, overall client satisfaction, employee retention, billing and more.


Remain Value-Focused
Capture real-time VBP data, build out new analytics, track performance management, have greater synergy with reporting needs, and incorporate predictive analytics.


Stay Compliant with EVV
All-in-one, cloud-based solution with an incorporated mobile, GPS-based EVV that works seamlessly across all modules. 

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

In addition to the direct benefits of going paperless, there lies rich, insightful and actionable data to aggregate by going digital:

  • Leverage visit data, point of care data, time and attendance to benchmark and optimize performance
  • Look for trends, leading indicators, correlations from vitals and other clinical information in the health record
  • Take advantage of end-to-end scheduling, mobile point of care, payroll and revenue cycle management in a single solution for complete transparency
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Need a Home Infusion Software Solution?

As a leading provider of innovative home health software, AlayaCare is committed to helping your organization improve operational efficiency and more importantly, client outcomes.

Speak with an AlayaCare team member and learn how we can support your home infusion workflows.

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