Consumer Directed Care (CDC) Guide

What's In The Guide?

With the official launch date set for CDC on February 27, 2017, agencies and service providers in the aged and community care sector have been striving to realign their strategies to be more consumer-centric in preparation for stage one. Going from a “what can the service provider do for the consumer?” model to a “what can your homecare package do for you?” can be quite a change.

With this guide will you learn how your home care agency can prepare, adopt and thrive in a consumer-directed care landscape with the help of modern home care technology. 

You’ll learn about topics such as:

1. What does CDC mean to the Aged and Community Care Industry?

2. The role of technology in a CDC enviornment

3. The effects of CDC on home care agency operations 

5. Key factors and features your agency system needs to ensure success

Ensure your home care agency is fully prepared and equipped to implement a consumer-directed care strategy. Download the guide today!

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