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Solutions For Your Entire Organisation

Our aged and disability care software offers end-to-end solutions for your entire organisation. AlayaCare services clients worldwide and are currently suited to service the following Australian markets:

Residential Care ∗Home and Community Care ∗ Disability Care ∗ Nursing Services ∗ Patient Support Programs ∗ Clinical Pharmacy Services ∗  Consumer Directed Care & NDIS 

Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership sees one comprehensive view of the business where actionable insights are extracted to improve efficiencies, report population health metrics, and most importantly leverage data to improve client outcomes.

  • Anytime/anywhere monitoring of your organisation
  • Safe and secure documentation with a compliant cloud-based system
  • Fully customised integrated solution to meet your need
  • Real-time dashboards and analytics for complete visibility
  • Streamlined operations and increased margins
  • Improved client care

Care Providers

Care providers immediately recognise a mobile experience that was developed from their point of view. Staff gain access to schedules, vacant visit alerts, and pertinent client information. They can also document medical and non-medical information in a real-time, two-way connected system.

  • Eliminate paperwork and timesheets
  • Easy to learn and easy to use interface – designed for care providers, by care providers
  • Document from multiple devices
  • Increase productivity – auto-populating fields, drag and drop functionality
  • Reduce travel time
  • Convenient access to critical information, anytime, anywhere
  • Streamlined clinical documentation
  • Increase transparency with real-time access to progress notes, care plans, schedules

Managers & Supervisors

Supervisors benefit from increased transparency and a holistic view of care worker activities. Management can use reports to identify clients who have not received necessary services prior to the close of each shift, thereby ensuring providers are where they say they are, and that clients are receiving the highest quality of care they need/deserve.

  • Communicate and collaborate with care workers
  • Improve quality assurance and collaboration
  • Increase productivity of clinical staff
  • Streamline reporting
  • Increase the safety and security of employees
  • Increase compliance with detailed audit trails

Schedulers & Coordinators

Schedulers enjoy flexibility, efficiency and access to relevant data such as continuity, availability, proximity, and skill/training matching, while scheduling care in multiple environments such as community, facility and clinics.

  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce error
  • Simplify complex scheduling
  • Stay up-to-date
  • Optimise care worker matching

Download the Scheduling Feature Sheet 


Benefit from a single end-to-end system that combines back office, EHR, field staff information (time sheets, premiums, reconciled schedules), mobility and portals that streamlines accounting and performance management. Increase overall organisation compliance in terms of financial claims and regulations due to increased accuracy, resulting in faster reimbursement.

  • Zero downtime environment hosted in AWS IaaS
  • Flexible APIs
  • Cloud-based solution permitting staff to access software from any internet enabled device
  • Eliminate paper processes, including paper schedules and time sheets
  • Secure 3rd party integration
  • Export data with automated report building to generate pivot tables, business intelligence and real-time data reports
  • Adjustable controls and permissions customisable based on various company roles
  • Secure clinical documentation in a multi-tiered HIPAA compliant cloud environment
  • Integrated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • End-to-end system where meaningful reports, data analysis and dashboards provide critical performance, operational and clinical workflows

Human Resources

Track expiring skills and certifications courtesy of the KPI box that queries expired or soon to be expired skills, licenses and training. Increase staff utilisation – deliver more care, to more clients without increasing your roster.

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  • Increasing staff utilisation – deliver more care, to more clients without increasing your roster
  • Recruiting great staff – find the best candidates and pre-qualify them
  • Report, analyse and determine coverage gaps in capacity, skills, and risks
  • Remain compliant with federal and state labor laws for OT, Breaks, holiday, overnight stay etc.
  • Incident management reporting and tracking
  • Retention – provide care worker tools, portals and field staff solutions that empower, engage and help staff deliver care
  • Provide safety and security for staff
  • Enable HRIS and HR software systems to interface and integrate with other systems