AlayaCare Virtual Care 

Experience a fully integrated home and community care solution to deliver both traditional and virtual care.


A Complete Virtual Care Solution 

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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing purpose-built for home and community care organisations

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Family Portal

Engage and inform all parties in the care of their loved ones through the Family Portal


Built for your traditional care needs with a fully integrated virtual care solution.

Delivering care to those in need in their home and in the community, while concurrently ensuring front-line staff remain safe and healthy is imperative in today's healthcare landscape. 

AlayaCare is the only home and community care solution on the market that offers a combination of traditional and virtual care solutions for your organisation to proactively address client needs anytime, anywhere. 


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Provide More Proactive Care

Providing care workers, nurses and supervisors with a real-time dashboard to monitor clients centrally, reducing unnecessary visits and proactively addressing client needs. 

  • Advance notification of negative trending vitals and risk scores
  • Filtering and scoring of client conditions to help prioritise care

Enable Health Coaching and Virtual Visits

Offer clients a more informed view of their care plan through the Family Portal and timely video conferencing.

  • Configurable on-demand and secure video conferencing
  • Results-based educational content and portal access
  • Enable secure, HIPAA-compliant virtual visits

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