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Empowering Residential Care Providers

The world of proficient residential aged care management has never been more challenging than it is today. Providers face rising pressures from market volatility, complex legislative requirements, increased demand for data, greater demand for higher quality care and an aged care workforce that is seemingly always shrinking.

Designed for scalability, performance and developed from the ground up with input from current customers and industry experts, AlayaCare Residential enables providers to implement a solution that is designed to deliver better technology and better outcomes. We offer a platform for service providers to propel towards innovation and residential care of the future.

AlayaCare Residential

AlayaCare Residential: Financial Management

Why AlayaCare's Residential Software

AlayaCare Residential – Accessibility


Easy to use and simple to navigate.

AlayaCare Residential – Time saving

Time Saving

Highly efficient workflows and eliminates double entry of data.

AlayaCare Residential – Customisable


Flexible configuration and ability to add forms or fields without paying for software code changes.

AlayaCare Residential – Scalable


Scale as you grow without sacrificing application performance.

AlayaCare Residential – Interoperability


Synchronisation to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and other preferred third party applications.

AlayaCare Residential – Open API

Open API

Enabling the integration of all your technology solutions.

Clinical Care Module

Offering scalability without sacrificing application performance, the Clinical Care module allows staff to document real time data via portable tablets or Personal Computers. It provides the option of inbuilt system integration with Painchek, Pixalere and Medi-Map to seamlessly support pain, wound and medication management.

  • Highly Customisable - using our powerful Form Designer
  • Documentation - Clinical | Lifestyle | ACFI
  • Charting |Assessments | Care Plans
  • Workflows | Event Templates
  • Advanced Workbook functionality
  • Registers for Quick Access to Information
  • Waitlist |occupancy |Resident Management
  • Advanced reporting capability
  • Accessibility - portable | simple to navigate.
  • Time saving - eliminates double entry data | highly efficient work flows
  • Interoperability – with preferred third-party applications

Residential Desktop Mockup

Residential Desktop Mockup

Residential Management Module

Designed to support day-to-day operations and help organisations increase profit and productivity. It provides the option of Synchronisation to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and other preferred third-party applications. This module is currently in Feature BETA and offers:

Subsidy Management

  • ACFI - dashboard + checklists
  • Medicare online B2B claiming
  • Automatic Subsidy Reconciliation
Accommodation Payment
  • Setup agreed amounts and payment method (RAD/ RAC/DAP/DAC/Bond)
  • Setup draw-downs for fees and charges
  • Accommodation payment separation interest calculation


  • Seamless invoicing for all funders and billing rules
  • Simplified back billing and refund process
  • Direct debit generation
  • Resident statement generation and emailing
  • Configure funder set up, billing frequency and ledger rules

Other Features

  • Reporting |Operational |Financial reports |Statistical reports
  • Open API Enabling the integration of all your technology solutions.
  • Waitlist, Occupancy and Resident Management


How AlayaCare Residential Can Support your Organisation:

  • Provide you with an innovative, robust and reliable system to help your staff provide more holistic and personalised care
  • Provide you with dynamic workflows to support and enhance policy and best practices
  • Experience real-time data capture and analysis to take a more predictive and proactive approach to care services
  • Leverage the support and guidance from a team with true residential industry experience and a passion for promoting better outcomes

If you're interested in learning more about how AlayaCare can support your organisation, don't hesitate to get in touch today.