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PainChek® is a fully mobile, clinically validated, and regulated app that accurately measures pain in those who cannot verbalise it, such as those living with dementia or cognitive impairments. PainChek uses AI, facial recognition, and data analytics to automate the pain assessment process, and is available for use on any smartphone or mobile device.

To date, over 800 providers are using PainChek® to accurately assess pain in their facility — making it the most common clinical software used in aged care facilities across Australia. Currently, a fully-funded 12-month PainChek® licence is currently available for all Australian Residential Aged Care providers as part of a Federal Government initiative into innovation in aged care.


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Why PainChek?

The PainChek integration in AlayaCare Residential enables care providers to identify, track and automate workflows related to the presence of pain, quantify the severity of pain, and monitor the effectiveness of pain management in a single solution.


More than a pain assessment tool

With over 190,000 pain assessments completed to date, PainChek® is a critical tool for clinical decision-making at the provider, facility, and individual level. Through the vast data housed securely on the PainChek® portal, care providers can increase carer efficiency, deliver improved patient outcomes, and support best practice pain assessment.


How does it work?

The resident’s details including name and business unit flow seamlessly from AlayaCare Residential into the PainChek system. Documentation recorded in PainChek will then flow back into AlayaCare Residential’s Clinical Care module as a progress note and as a direct pain chart entry for reference by the care workers and nursing staff.


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