Legal and Contracts

At AlayaCare we work hard to be transparent and straightforward with our customers, partners, and suppliers. We think that our contractual relationships shouldn’t be any different. Our contracts support the delivery of our aged and disability care EHR platform by defining our commitments and how we share responsibilities with our customers and partners.


Our SaaS delivery model allows us to invest in industry-leading functionality and cost savings for our customers that derive from robust processes built on our AWS-managed infrastructure


Our service commitments, the security of the data that we maintain, and our privacy and other regulatory compliance obligations are not just words in a contract, they guide us every day.

Our customer agreements are built around a flexible Order Form and key contract components including a Master Subscription Agreement (MSA), and Professional Services Addendum (PSA). These are supplemented with our service level commitments (SLA) and our Privacy and Data Security policies. A Schedule of Exceptions allows our customers to incorporate any unique business processes and compliance requirements.
AlayaCare’s electronic health record platform (EHR) provides integration opportunities for our partners and enhanced capabilities and efficiencies for our customers. Customers can get access to third-party systems via: partner applications that AlayaCare integrates into its platform and resells to its customers (Integrated Technologies); and partner applications to which AlayaCare connects but with whom Customers contract directly for services (Connected Services); and



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