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Redmap can automate your AP, delivering efficiency, transparency and better client management. It extracts the data you need, electronically validates it and routes it to the appropriate person before posting to AlayaCare and your ERP.

Clinical Integration


Medi-Map offers a platform that manages all aspects of medication in a facility-based environment. Charting, administration, supply and communication are integral components which allow a transparent, seamless cascade of care for each resident.

Clinical Integration


Pixalere is a complete wound care management software solution that enables clinicians and administrators to effectively assess and treat wounds through evidence-based treatment recommendations.

Clinical Integration


Painchek is a mobile-based pain assessment solution that uses facial recognition and artificial intelligence to assess and score pain levels in real time.


Rubi Works is a technology consulting firm that specialises in solving small to enterprise-sized problems that require a broad range of analytical, technical, and creative skills.

Billing Integration


Tambla provides cloud-based intelligence workforce solutions that enable AlayaCare to apply complex pay rules and overtime to organisations payrolls.



The AlayaCare solution is a cloud-based SaaS platform that is delivered and hosted on AWS. AlayaCare is also proud to be a Technology Partner within the AWS Partner Network.

Coordination Clinical Integration


ionMy is an integrated, evidence-based Governance, Risk Management and Compliance platform.

Clinical Integration


Docmosis is a document generation software that AlayaCare partners with to generate documents, reports, and other outputs based on templates.

Billing Referrals Integration


SOLJIT is your trusted integration specialist for Salesforce, OneSpan, Alfresco and more.


KPI Insight

KPI Insights provides home care and community care providers with enhanced business intelligence and data science services to support benchmarking, business optimisation, and workforce planning.



Pentaho’s BI and data analytics integration enhances AlayaCare's real-time data analytics and customisable reporting.

Coordination Scheduling


Twilio is a cloud communications platform enabling AlayaCare to add messaging, voice and video to our web and mobile applications

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