Data Exploration
Training Packages

Our Client Services team is now offering a variety of Data Exploration
packages that include additional training, to help you get the most
usage out of the AlayaCare platform.

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Data Exploration Overview Training Session

To introduce and provide an overview on Data Exploration, how to build reports within the AlayaCare platform, common reports users build, and a dashboard review.  

  • This package is good for users who requires an understanding of DE and will not be building complex reports
  • Duration: 3 Hours

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Data Exploration Full End-to-End Training Session

An interactive deep dive session that goes into all the features Data Exploration has to offer within the AlayaCare Platform (calculated measures, graphs, dashboard reports) spread over a number of days.

  •  This package is good for users who have a deep understanding of AlayaCare and who are responsible for providing reports from AlayaCare for their organisation's needs .
  • Duration: 4-8 hours (spread over a number of days)
  • AlayaCare Instructor will provide homework after each session so users can put their knowledge to test and instructor to review and provide tips/feedback.

Data Exploration Enhanced Learnings and Discoveries

This package includes a deep dive into a complex report/question that is trying to be solved with the assistance and guidance of our technical services team as well as a review of the complex features in Data Exploration (calculated measures, graphs).

  • This package is good for a user generating advanced reporting.
  • Duration: 2-3 Hours
  • Training delivered by: Technical Services

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As a leading provider of innovative aged and disability care software, AlayaCare is committed to helping your organisation improve operational efficiency and more importantly, client outcomes.

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