Why we love working at AlayaCare

Do you want to work for an organisation that truly gives back?

Here at AlayaCare, we exist to support healthcare providers in Australia and New Zealand. We make sure that aged and disability carers can deliver the best possible service to the people they look after.

And we have the same philosophy when it comes to looking after our employees. Not only have we built a positive, collaborative and flexible culture for our people, but we offer a unique range of culture, wellness and financial benefits that empowers you to thrive.


Our Superflex Policy

While many companies may say they have embraced flexible working, at AlayaCare, we really have. All employees have the freedom to work from home or from the office. This means you will not be required to work from the office any minimum or maximum number of days. You can choose where you work at any given time based on the activities you need to complete, guided by client and business needs as determined by your manager.

With our SuperFlex policy, our staff can balance their work and personal lives. They can do their job from where they want to. They can skip the commute and get more time back in their day for the things that matter. Thanks to our SuperFlex, many of our employees are happier, more fulfilled, and have the flexibility they have always craved.

Additional wellness leave

At the end of the day, there is nothing more important than our health – and when you work with AlayaCare, we prioritise your wellbeing. That’s why we were so excited to launch our Wellness Days initiative in early 2022. This means that all AlayaCare employees now receive an additional five wellness days each year! Wellness days are there to encourage self-care activities, whether that’s relaxing and unwinding for the day, hitting up a beach with your kids, or lounging around with friends while binge-watching Netflix – anything that sparks joy and supports your mental and overall health.


Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

Another exciting part of working for AlayaCare is all employees receive company stock in the form of RSUs. An RSU (“Restricted Stock Unit”) is a form of compensation issued by an employer to an employee whereby the employee receives company shares over a period of time called the ‘vesting period’. All AlayaCare employees receive AlayaCare stock on their vesting (hire) date each year. As AlayaCare grows and the company increases in value, so do your RSUs. You then have the opportunity to sell your vested RSUs for profit at times specified by the company (this is why they’re called ‘restricted’ stock units).

Culture benefits and allowances

Espresa is our culture benefits platform that is available to all AlayaCare employees. With Espresa, you can access two annual allowances: for flexibility and productivity. Under the flexibility allowance, you can spend up $1000 each year on items relating to wellness, lifestyle or your home office. This includes things like gym memberships, exercise classes, childcare, housekeeping services, financial advice, or office supplies. The productivity allowance provides up to $250, which can go towards your personal development, apps or subscriptions, work from home expenses, books, or online courses.


Work with us

At AlayaCare, our goal is to transform the future of healthcare in Australia and New Zealand. And we couldn’t do that without prioritising the health and happiness of our own team. If you’re looking for a workplace that champions your wellness and work-life balance, and allows you to thrive in a role where you get to make a true difference in the community, then we would love to hear from you.

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