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Continuously investing in R&D for future products and services and collaborating to access to state-of-the-art methods

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AlayaLabs Team

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Naomi Goldapple headshot

Naomi Goldapple

Head of AlayaLabs
Naomi's current challenge as Head of AlayaLabs is to support AlayaCare's innovation strategy through applied research in machine learning and optimization applications. Naomi has spent the last few years leveraging and exploiting new technologies to build and commercialize products that solve real business problems.
Prior, Naomi was the VP Business Development at Nexalogy, responsible for commercializing the suite of products, forging channel partnerships and growing the sales. Naomi’s unique experience combines both start-up entrepreneur and seasoned IBM technology and business consultant. 

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Simon Maxwell-Stewart

Simon Maxwell-Stewart

Lead Data Scientist

Simon Maxwell-Stewart is the Lead Data Scientist at AlayaCare. AlayaCare looks to deliver the next disruptive solution for the industry by combining remote patient monitoring, clinical documentation and back office software supported by machine learning and optimization. Simon’s background was in Physics before moving over to machine learning 5 years ago. In that time he has lead multiple data science teams, deployed two ML models for a major network in the AdTech industry, and developed a new technique for the airline industry combining Optimization Research and Graph Neural Networks. Simon is an inventor with one registered patent and is striving for his next in the home healthcare industry.

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Pierre Leca

Data Engineer

Pierre has been apart of the AlayaCare and AlayaLabs team since the beginning as a developer. Now as a Data Architect on the AlayaLabs team, he will work on efficiently brining the right data to each one of our clients. He started his career in the aeronautic industry, then quickly moved into the web. He also worked at a gamification company when he first arrived in Canada almost 10 years ago. As a long time musician, Pierre uses his creativity to always find a solution to a problem.

AlayaLabs Offerings


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Machine Learning to Harness your Data

Capturing clinical and event data is tremendously useful to monitor clients. With Machine Learning, we can augment that task and the outcomes by analysing data and predicting events.

  • Tuned home health care algorithms
  • Event based modelling 
  • Capture data within AlayaCare and from 3rd party systems

schedule optimization mockup

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Reduced Cost Through Optimisation

Streamlining travel time, maximising resources and minimising waste are only a few of the benefits tackled by incorporating optimization in the day-to-day back office coordination and scheduling. 

  • Incorporate mapping for better staffing, client coordination and hiring
  • Optimised routing to improve travel costs
  • Tune agency priorities such as punctuality, continuity, employee satisfaction and margin

Rich Insightful Long Term Planning

Tackling data and patterns in bulk provides organisations with the ability to plan staffing, services and even clinics to match outcomes, needs and trends.

  • Match geographic, care and event data for robust models
  • Long term and short term planning and reporting
  • Analytics to track and project regional and zone trends

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