Stay Connected and
Engaged in Client Care with
the Secure, Integrated
AlayaCare Family Portal

AlayaCare's family portal provides clients and families with the tools they need
to directly engage in client care plans.

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Keeping Clients, Families and Care Providers Connected

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Available anywhere, from any device

The Family Portal is responsive and available from desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


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Access real-time information

Experience real-time updates ensuring clients have up-to-the-second information on schedules, care plans, payments and more.

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Secure, integrated portal

The Family Portal is a secure, HIPAA-compliant online portal for clients and their families to stay connected to their care.

Benefits of AlayaCare's Family Portal:

The Family Portal is a secure, integrated, online portal that provides clients, providers and authorised family members access to parts of their AlayaCare client health record to stay connected and engage in their care plan anywhere, at any time. Organizations can:

  • Improve communication
  • Deliver a personalised experience 
  • Increase client engagement

Empower Clients and Increase Engagement

The AlayaCare Family Portal offers clients the tools they need to actively participate in their care plans through a variety of features:
  • Enable clients to perform self-assessments and complete forms right within the portal
  • Seamlessly gather client feedback through surveys and visit ratings
  • Provide easy access to schedule information allowing clients to view and request schedule changes
  • Share clinical forms, vitals and medication information
  • Enable access to billing, invoicing and administration


Learn More About AlayaCare's Family Portal

Bring certainty and safety to your staff and clients with the Family Portal from the leading home and community care software provider. Request more information by filling out this form today.

*Are you a current AlayaCare customer?
Customers using Family Portal need to be on Care Plan and Forms 2.0 to use the Family Portal. Reach out to your
 Customer Relationship Manager for inquiries about Family Portal pricing.