About AlayaCare

Technology powering the future of aged, community and disability care

At AlayaCare, we want care providers to feel supported as they work tirelessly to look after our community, and we want every person to receive the best possible care. And technology is a fundamental part of this.

That’s why we offer a revolutionary end-to-end software solution that empowers residential, home and disability providers in Australia and New Zealand to achieve better health outcomes.

Founded in 2014, AlayaCare’s Cloud-based technology enables organisations to optimise their operations, generate valuable insights, access real time data, and implement robust, reliable systems for their staff and clients – today and into the future.

Tailor made solutions

We understand the complexities, challenges and opportunities that lie within the residential, home and disability care sectors. Our technology is built with input and feedback from industry stakeholders – so we know that our product can meet the unique needs of different providers, their staff, and all the people they look after.

Ultimately, AlayaCare’s technology exists to help organisations streamline their business operations, so their teams can focus on what matters most – delivering the best possible care.

Let’s explore our software by industry:

Explore how we empower aged care providers with AlayaCare Residential

Explore how we empower home and community care providers with AlayaCare Cloud

Explore how we empower disability care providers with our NDIS Management Software

How our technology works

Cloud-based, agile and efficient, AlayaCare’s revolutionary software enables organisations to:

AlayaCare - Optimise operations

Optimise operations by eliminating manual data entry and tedious processes – saving carers valuable time so they can focus on delivering best-practice and person-centred care.

AlayaCare – Achieve better outcomes

Achieve better outcomes with an easy-to-use platform that drives continuity of care and enables seamless resident and client updates, and transparent information sharing.

AlayaCare - Access to real-time

Access to real-time  data that can generate powerful insights to inform decisions and service provision, and drive meaningful change.

AlayaCare – Adapt a flexible platform

Adapt a flexible platform that enables customisation of forms and fields, with the ability to scale consistently across locations without sacrificing performance. 

AlayaCare – Implement a robust, reliable system

Implement a robust, reliable system that is optimised across smartphones, tables or PCs, simplifying how resident/client and clinical data is collected and reported.

AlayaCare – On the cutting edge of innovation

On the cutting edge of innovation

AlayaCare is at the forefront of data science and innovation. Technology is constantly evolving and its potential in health care is extraordinary. That’s why we are committed to unlocking the true power of artificial intelligence (AI). AlayaLabs, our research and development department, is leveraging AI, optimisation and machine learning technologies to propel aged and disability care towards the future.

AlayaLabs’ unique approach uses applied research and business intelligence to not only improve the performance of our product, but to drive the growth and success of the care providers we work with.

The meaning behind AlayaCare

We often get asked what “AlayaCare” means. One of our founders, Neil Grunberg, researched different words for “home” in various ancient languages before coming across “alaya”. It means “home” in Sanskrit, a language from a time in history when there were no hospitals and no doctors – and everyone was taken care of in the home. As it happens, the word “alaya” also means “elevate” in Hebrew, and in Arabic, it means “welcome”.

The name “AlayaCare” is a nod to these three ancient languages which, together, reflect themes that are close to our heart – to care for people at home, for everyone to feel welcome and supported, and to elevate the community.

The heart of AlayaCare’s story

AlayaCare – Our mission

Our Mission

To empower care providers to achieve better health outcomes by delivering transformative technology and data insights to focus on what really matters.

AlayaCare – Our vision

Our vision

The future of community care is connected and part of a continuum, delivered through traditional and emerging modes of care. AlayaCare makes that personalised and predictive.

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