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Aged care software enabling you to focus on improving outcomes

Whether your goal is to grow your client base, increase employee satisfaction or deliver higher quality care, AlayaCare can help.

We provide aged and disability care software to make running your organisation easier than ever, so you can focus on what really matters:

Delivering Better Care
Optimising Operations
Growing your Business
Retaining Employees
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Empowering care providers to achieve better outcomes by delivering transformative technology and data insights to focus on what really matters.

Better Technology, Better Outcomes.


Grow your Business

The demand for aged and disability care services is growing rapidly presenting more opportunities for providers to expand their businesses. Traditional concepts, such as paper processes and outdated software solutions can create massive roadblocks for agencies trying to scale 

With AlayaCare you can ensure your operations are consistent across multiple locations, information is updated and viewable for key stakeholders in any office in real time, and you have visibility into key business performance metrics, leaving you to focus on growing your business. 

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Retain your Employees

Workers who feel that they aren’t getting the hours they want, at the locations they want, and with the compensation they seek, will naturally keep their eyes open for other employment opportunities -- or leave the industry entirely. The issue of care worker burnout is a factor here as well. 

With AlayaCare you have access to the tools and technology to create better employee experiences, optimise employee schedules and identify churn risks, leaving you to focus on retaining your employees.  

  • Applicant Tracking 
  • Shift Offers 
  • Schedule Optimisation 
  • Caregiver Training  

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Optimise Operations

Aged Care and Disability Providers have faced ongoing operational challenges due to increasing demand, care worker shortage and rapidly shifting regulatory requirements. Managing your organisation's complex operations can quickly become all you think about. 

With AlayaCare you can streamline and automate tedious workflows, processes and approvals leaving you to focus on optimising operations. 

  • Custom Forms 
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Electronic Billing  
  • AlayaLabs
  • Platform Security

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Deliver Better Care

Client-centered care has taken the spotlight when it comes to discussions of quality. Aged and Disability providers need to adapt to providing care that is responsive and respectful of individual client preferences and values. Gaps in communication and lack of visibility into client information can cause ripples in the quality of client care. 

With AlayaCare you have the ability to seamlessly bring important client information to the forefront, share client updates with key stakeholders, and create client-centric workflows, leaving you to focus on delivering better care. 

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Discover a platform built to help aged and disability care providers improve client outcomes

AlayaCare is a leading global provider of aged and disability care software and solutions. With an end-to-end solution spanning clinical documentation, back office functionality, remote client monitoring, and a mobile home care app, we offer a platform for organisations to propel towards innovation and aged care of the future.

About Us

Take a look at exactly how a care worker's time utilisation can vary sharply with and without the use of a mobile app. 
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AlayaCare Cloud


The AlayaCare Cloud is an end-to-end home and community care software offering both traditional in-home and virtual care solutions spanning clinical documentation, back office operations, financial management, mobile app, family portal and remote client monitoring.

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AlayaCare Residential

AlayaCare Residential

AlayaCare Residential enables customers to implement and maintain a single client record for resident information from inquiry to admission and beyond.

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Procura Powered by AlayaCare

AlayaCare Procura

Procura powered by AlayaCare is an enterprise care management software solution that built on the functionality delivered by the Clinical Care Suite (assessments, care plans and activity management), which allows you to manage the full lifecycle of your client’s information wherever and whenever you need to, using either a PC, Tablet or a mobile smart device to enable providers to improve the quality of client care. 

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