Why Enterprise Home Care Agencies Should Consider a Software Startup

Adrian Schauer Posted on Aug 31, 2017

When a home care agency decides it’s time to finally adopt or switch homecare software solutions, it’s a big decision. There are many reasons why an agency might decide it’s time to take the plunge, stretching from outgrowing the capabilities of legacy software a greater need for scheduling flexibility, and beyond.  

Once the main needs are identified, the first step is determining which provider to choose: software as a service startup (SaaS) or veteran company.

While an established vendor may seem like the preferred option (lengthy track record in business, thousands of customers), startups have several differentiators that may uniquely an agency’s needs, no matter how large or small.  



Here are a few key considerations to keep in mind:

The tech is cutting edge: Startup companies are often created to solve a solve a problem that others in the market have not yet addressed. Particularly in the home care sector,  long-standing vendors don’t often look to engineer next generation software solutions from scratch.

Startup companies, on the other hand, have a sole mission to innovate, and can deliver advanced software solutions that offer major benefits that competitors do not -- including elements such as remote monitoring capabilities and caregiver mobile apps.

Choosing a startup provider means you’ll usually have access to the latest, sharpest technology available for your business needs.

The focus is on clients: With startups, you often have a significant say in the extent to which new software can be tailored precisely to your business needs. Startups have an intrinsic need to build their brands, establish awareness in the market, and the biggest way to do so is through customer experience. Most consider it a priority to continuously improve with real-time feedback from clients.

At AlayaCare, for example, we have a Customer Advisory Board where clients join regular teleconferences to review ideas, discuss challenges and vote on software features. At the end of the day, exceptional client service is achieved by customizing a product to suit each agency’s specific needs. Those with thousands of clients are less likely to wield such a perspective. 

Look for leadership: Strong leadership is an important benchmark for any organization (for example, AlayaCare's CEO winning Entrepreneur of the Year).

Look for a startup with leaders who have a track record of building a solid team and an understanding of how to scale a business, build channels, and service enterprise customers. Great technology combined with a great team is key -- after all, it’s about the company, not just the software.

Watch for client and industry recognition: While the years that a company is in business indicates success, the recognition a fast-growing startup receives from satisfied clients and industry influencers can also indicate that you’re in good hands. Grants from government agencies and other influential investors, combined with strong client testimonials, all serve to illustrate that a SaaS is positioning itself well as a leader.

AlayaCare: An SaaS startup with a mission to change health outcomes

AlayaCare is a mission-driven, SaaS startup recognized for its passion for the future of home care. Our aim is to equip home care providers with the technology they need to deliver better outcomes in a fast-evolving health-care landscape.

With an end-to-end solution spanning clinical documentation, back office functionality, client and family portals, remote patient monitoring, and mobile app for home care workers, AlayaCare offers a unique and complete platform for agencies to innovate and propel themselves into the future.

Contact us today and ask to speak with one of our existing clients about why they chose to partner with us -- and how you can get the benefits of the best software, and the best team working for you.