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Jul 22, 2020

What are the Hallmarks of a True Technology Partner?

United States
4 Min
Jul 08, 2020

Technology is Needed to Survive in Home Care Industry During and After Pandemic

Virtual Care
5 Min
May 03, 2020

AlayaCare’s new Family Portal further modernizes the delivery of home care

AlayaCare News
4 Min
Jan 08, 2020

AlayaCare R&D department AlayaLabs putting people at the centre of innovation investments

AlayaCare News
4 Min
Mar 15, 2019

Offline Mode: AlayaCare's Care Worker Mobile App Supports Rural Areas and Limited Connectivity

AlayaCare Features
4 Min
Feb 11, 2019

Family Portal: Keeping home care clients connected to their own care

Family Portal
12 Min
Jan 04, 2019

Custom Dashboards: At-a-Glance View of Home Care Reports that Matter to You

Back Office Suite
3 Min
Jan 02, 2019

Key Performance Indicators: The Power of Data in Home Care

Back Office Suite
9 Min

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