Back Office Suite

Home Care Scheduling, Billing and Payroll Solution

Manage your client’s care journey from beginning to end with fully integrated home care scheduling, billing, payroll and reporting in a single, configurable solution. 

  • Comprehensive client health record
  • Real-time visit scheduling and tracking
  • Automatic schedule updates and alerts
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • Optimized caregiver matching

Optimized and Automated Home Care Scheduling

Staff client visits to align with your operating priorities such as continuity of care and margin optimization with an ultimate focus on improving client outcomes.

  • Easy to use drag and drop client, weekly and daily schedule screens
  • Integrated employee/client matching 
  • Mapping and messaging to support client coordination and day of vacant visits

Download the Scheduling Feature Sheet 

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Integrated Home Care Client Coordination

Fully integrated and optimized care coordination, pulling together the right team, at the right times, with the right billing model to improve the experience of each stakeholder.

  • Preference, skill, capacity, location and cost based team assignments
  • Integrated workflow to eliminate duplicate entry
  • Integration and coordination streamlined user experience to match your agency’s business practice

Flexible Home Care Billing and Payroll Management

Configurable zero to gross payroll calculations and payroll export, along with flexible multi-tiered billing management to support multiple rates and rules for private and public payers.

  • Streamlined time capture and approval process
  • Zero to gross payroll calculations and standard export
  • Long term care insurance (LTCI) billing
  • Flexible billing model to support private and public business models in parallel

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    “AlayaCare has a strong team with excellent leadership and an excellent product. But most importantly, they listen to what we need for a truly tailored experience. Not many companies listen to -- and then implement real solutions for -- client concerns.”  

    - Dylaina Wood, Director, Business Development & Product Management at Access Healthcare Services Inc.

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    “I can access information in AlayaCare, read the progress notes and summarize everything for the family as I’m talking on the phone. It makes our whole team look better – we’re providing better care for our clients.”

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