Increased Visibility and Transparency with Google Maps APIs.

AlayaCare uses Google Map APIs to provide our users with reliable location information and to build better user experiences with data based on real-time mapping and traffic data. AlayaCare's main dashboard features an embedded Google Map that gives your organization visibility into all clocked-in visits occurring in the field. 

More Optimized and Strategic Scheduling with Travel Data.

Using data obtained directly from Google's APIs, our travel time feature allows schedulers to see the time it takes for care workers to travel from a visit to another, taking into consideration the traffic conditions. Travel information is calculated at the specific time of day, and includes corresponding realistic traffic delays. Commute time (in minutes) provided is from previous visit's address to the one being scheduled, up until the time it is meant to start.

Reliable GPS and Turn-By-Turn Directions on Any Device. 

With Google Maps APIs integrated in the AlayaCare software, users have the ability navigate to visits with turn-by-turn directions right within the mobile app. When a scheduler or coordinator sends out a visit offer, care providers have the ability to view approximate location of the visit, as well as a holistic view of all their service locations that day, in order to make an informed decision on whether or not to accept that visit. 

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