Updates, Referrals, and Patient Records Directly from the Source

AlayaCare integrated the Client Health and Related Information System (CHRIS), a web-based patient information management system designed and built by the HSSO.

Using eReferral functionality, generally through the Health Partner Gateway (HPG), CHRIS provides LHINs with client assessments, client document library, and Bed Board Management (BBM).

With CHRIS your agency can:

  • Streamline client intake
  • Accept or decline new offers and referrals with the click of a button
  • Automatically map important client data from a referral to the AlayaCare software
  • Manage equipment and supply orders
  • Configure monitoring plans tied into client care plans
  • Submit reimbursement and take advantage of full financial cycle management

Cloud-Based and Compatible on Any Screen

The AlayaCare software electronically intakes patient information and seamlessly maps patient data, service information, and risk codes to the corresponding functional areas of the software. This information is then accessible from anywhere on any device. 

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