Virtual Care

Connecting Clients to Their Home Healthcare Teams with A Complete Virtual Care Delivery Solution

Reduce re-admissions and leverage patent pending artificial intelligence for predictive modelling and decision support.  A fully integrated system to deliver both in person and virtual care delivery.

Empowering Clients To Monitor Themselves

Bluetooth enabled medical and wellness devices providing clients with the ability to monitor their own vitals in real time eliminating unnecessary visits and a more engaged client experience.

  • Configurable monitoring plans tied into overall client care plan
  • On-screen instructions to support clients capturing vitals
  • Instant feedback to help coach and guide clients

Reduce Costs by Virtually Monitoring Patients

Providing nurses and supervisors with a real-time dashboard to monitor dozens of patients centrally, reducing unnecessary visits and proactively addressing client needs in real-time.

  • Advance notification of negative trending vitals
  • Filtering and scoring of clients to help prioritize and sort
  • Easy configuration and changes to monitoring plan

Health Coaching Leading to Better Outcomes

Clients are guided to take a more conscious and informed view of their own care through care plan and symptom specific educational content and timely video conferencing.

  • Configurable on-demand and scheduled secure video conferencing
  • Results based triggered educational content
  • On screen feedback providing incentive to take better care

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