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White Papers

Machine Learning White Paper
The Effects of Machine Learning Powered Remote Patient Monitoring on Home Health Care
AlayaCare and CBI WeCare adhere to the philosophy that both face-to -face and virtual care (remote monitoring, video conferencing) are increasing areas of focus for payers and providers. As such, introducing new technology like Machine Learning and Big Data to bolster this trend and support clinicians in their decisions is the topic of this paper.
ROI Case Study – Acclaim Health
Alayacare Technology Enables Home Care Provider to Improve Communication & Efficiencies
Prior to the introduction of the AlayaCare solution, Acclaim’s home care providers relied on a labour intensive, paper-based system to track all visit-related information including flow sheets, care plans, and time sheets. Their processes were both time consuming and inefficient with approximately 48,000 sheets of paper going through the Acclaim office per month
Home Care Agency Guide to Technology
This 17-page document will inspire and guide you through WHY it’s time to re-consider your agency technology. Furthermore, this guide will help you answer WHAT you need to know about the shifting home healthcare landscape from a traditional Fee-for-Service model to outcome/bundled reimbursement.
Better Outcomes 2016 Presentations
We invite you to relive the conference: you can access and download all of the keynote presentations from the conference here.
Business Intelligence (BI): Your Home Care Agency e-Guide to Reporting & Insights
This 15-page document will inspire and guide you through WHAT business intelligence (BI) is, and WHY data analytics should be top of mind for your home care agency. Furthermore, this guide will help you answer HOW you know it’s time to consider looking into a BI tool, while providing you with a few tips and tricks to get started.
Consumer Directed Care (CDC) Guide: Why Home Care Agencies Need to Leverage Technology in a Consumer Directed Landscape
With the official launch date set for CDC on February 27, 2017, agencies and service providers in the aged and community care sector have been striving to realign their strategies to be more consumer-centric in preparation for stage one. With this guide will you learn how your home care agency can prepare, adopt and thrive in a consumer-directed care landscape with the help of modern home care technology.