Back Office Suite

Managing The Back Office of Home Healthcare Can Finally Be Strategic and Integrated

Manage your client’s care journey from beginning to end with scheduling, reporting, and billing in a single, integrated view.

Optimized and Strategic Scheduling

Staff client visits and schedules to align with your operating priorities such as continuity of care and margin optimization with the ultimate focus on consistent positive patient outcomes.

  • Easy to use drag and drop client, weekly and daily schedule screens
  • Client and staff preferences
  • Mapping and messaging to support client coordination and day of vacant visits

Integrated Client Coordination

Fully integrated and optimized care coordination, pulling together the right team, at the right times, with the right billing model to improve the experience of each stakeholder.

  • Preference, skill, capacity, location and cost based team assignments
  • Integrated workflow to eliminate duplicate entry
  • Integration and coordination streamlined user experience to match your agency’s business practice

Flexible Billing and Payroll Management

Configurable zero to gross payroll calculations and payroll export, along with flexible multi-tiered billing management to support multiple rates and rules for private and public payers.

  • Streamlined time capture and approval process
  • Zero to gross payroll calculations and standard export
  • Flexible billing model to support private and public business models in parallel

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